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Evangelist, Author, Business Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and 10th Degree Black Belt are just a few of the gifts which husband and father, Dr. Stan Harris, has been favored by God.

Born November 23, 1960 and raised in a single parent home in the ghettos of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, along with his four brothers.

Stan got involved in the Martial Arts in 1970 after being jumped, beaten, tarred and feathered by a teenage gang. His motivation for learning martial arts was for two reasons… Click here to learn more.

Your Breakthrough is Guaranteed: Seven Simple Steps to your Success

From getting tarred and feathered as a six- year old boy, to becoming a 10th degree black belt champion, businessman, author and speaker. Dr Stan Harris has had to breakthrough many barriers. Allow him to empower you and assist you in experiencing a massive breakthrough. You might never be the same again after you read this book!

Dr. Stan gives you Seven Simple Steps that will ensure you Success in any area of your life. Take the challenge and experience a Breakthrough.

Book Reviews

Here is what readers have to say about “Your Breakthrough is Guaranteed”:

I don't know if he writes as good as he talks but I just listened to this guy bring down the house this morning at my church!! Preaching even during a 2 hour power outage. Never skipped a beat and did some amazing things with his martial art skills!!! I'm ordering this book for my kindle after hearing him speak one time!
One AMAZING book!!! It will change your life. The principles are simple and digestible yet so VERY POWERFUL! I highly recommend to anyone who wants to make a life change. He will motivate you and encourage you to take the leap of FAITH!
Richard Rings
Breakthrough Book Tells the Truth. Nice read and motivational. Will keep you focused.
Amazon Customer

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